Migration Road CD

Just Released.  Migration Road is a songwriter's showcase where Cris's musical journey passes through folk, country, Americana and Mexican roots music.  It's landscape changes from song to song and it will take you on your own journey down that migration road.

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Life is Hard CD

Life is Hard  (2003)

Wisconsin State Journal:  "Life may be hard but making good music comes easy to Plata."

Isthmus:  "A strong effort that merges Plata's Mexican American roots and attraction to Lone Star country folk extremely well."

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Ziggy Dreams in Color CD

Ziggy Dreams in Color  (1998)

Isthmus:   "First Class."  "Plata's ability to frame a complete story in three to four minutes--wasting neither notes nor lyrics--is the hallmark of a great song writer."

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Fresh Horses CD

Fresh Horses (1993)

Wisconsin State Journal:  "....a fresh blend of country and folk that's accessable and addictive."

Isthmus:  "...a stellar self produced disc that smokes much of Nashville's recent output."

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Spreading the Rumor (1989)  

Wisconsin State Journal:  "One of the best recordings of any genre, ever to be created by Madison area talent."

Produced by Butch Vig and WAMI nominated.

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30 Minute Music Hour

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From Fields to Stage

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You Tube of Fresh Horses/Harmony Bar

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