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The band, Cris Plata with Extra Hot is a joint venture.  The group performs as a duo, trio, four or five piece depending on venue and availability.  Members include:
Cris Plata is the lead vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter of the group. He spent his first twenty-two years soaking up the sounds of South Texas.  He listened to bands that pumped out Tex-Mex polkas, country rockers, swing tunes and ballads with equal convictions.  These influences provided the musical foundation for both his songwriting and his live performances. 


Ann Plata has been the bass player and backing vocalist for the band since its inception.  She received her rhythm education on the stage, in "real time" while playing with the great drummer, Clyde Stubblefield.


 D. "Ernie" Conner joined Cris Plata with Extra Hot in 1999 as the lead and /or rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist.  Besides performing with Cris, Ernie is also a member of the Midwesterners.  Earlier in his career he was a member of EIEIO, the Waterdogs and the Rousers.


 Tom Dehlinger brings another multi-instrumental dimension to the group with his expertise on pedal steel, guitar and dobro.  He has played with many groups in both live and recorded performances in the region. 


 Guest drummers have included Kenny Koeppler, Rich Larson and the legendary Clyde Stubblefield (RIP). 

Cris Plata Trio at the Stoughton Opera House:

30 Minute Music Hour

Click on to the link below to watch our appearance on Wisconsin Public Television's 30 Minute Music Hour.

From Fields to Stage

Click the link below to take you to the Wisconsin Historical Society Press site to buy a copy of "Cris Plata: From Fields to Stage/Del Campo al Escenario."


You Tube of Fresh Horses/Harmony Bar

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